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NT Wright

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Din pacate, NT Wright nu este foarte cunoscut in Romania, cel putin nu in afara grupului (minuscul, de altfel) al celor pasionati de teologie. Din cate stiu eu, doar una din cartile sale a fost tradusa in romaneste (Mesia) si este inca disponibila in librarii. Omul nu bate apa in piua, adica nu vorbeste doua la leu. Asta nu inseamna ca trebuie sa fii de acord cu tot ce spune, insa spune destul de multe si o face suficient de bine, ca sa merite efortul, atat al lecturii cat si al ascultarii, daca este vorba de conferinte / seminarii – si sunt destul de multe online. In engleza, evident. Mai jos un articol pe care l-am citit recent:

If the church is hypocritical about sex, the media are hypocritical about hypocrisy.

There are two alternatives to hypocrisy. Either you set high moral standards and keep them absolutely. According to Christian teaching, only one person has ever done that. Or you set standards so low that they aren’t really standards at all: you simply “do what comes naturally”. Angels aren’t hypocrites. Nor (I think) are animals. Granted we are none of us in the first category – the only way to avoid hypocrisy is always to follow instinct: do whatever you feel like at the time.

Articolul poate fi citit in intregime aici.

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